David Cedar - Author

Author of the new novel: "ANNIVERSARIES"

About Me

My Writing Experience


   You may know me as: Robert or Bob Swayhoover, my pen name is: David Cedar.

   For many years, I had an idea that I thought would be a great plot for a story playing around in my mind. How to transform it into words was the dilemma. I thought about it and thought about and thought about it. But, it took me until late 2012 to actually sit down at a computer and bang out a few chapters. I printed what I wrote, gave them to my wife Pat to read. She came back with something I thought I'd never hear: "I really like it!" Her enthusiasm gave me the push I needed. So, I continued and finished the first draft in early 2015. A couple of friends read it and told me what needed to be changed and then, three years later, I had the second (and final) draft done.

   Now ANNIVERSARIES is available in print and eBook formats on Amazon. 



One thing that is really cool when you write a novel is that you have complete control over the lives of your characters. You are "God" in their world.


Another thing that I like about writing is that sometimes the story takes-on a life of its own and goes in a direction that you didn't expect it to go.